Family Research Council: ProLifeCon

I drove to Washington DC this past Saturday (1-21-12) to attend The Family Research Council Pro Life Conference. (1-23-12)  Jill Stanek was the emcee and asked me to share my story. Weeks after I agreed to attend I found out Samuel was going to be there with his mother, Julie. Absolutely unbelievable!

Samuel (now twelve years old), his mother, Julie, and me.

I saw Samuel two days after he was born.  I then saw him at the Senate Committee Hearing in 2003.  He was three.  I saw him again at seven years old when Julie shared her story at a fundraiser in Atlanta.  Samuel was seven years old.  Now, this past weekend was the fourth time I’ve seen him.  At twelve years old he looks fantastic!  It’s amazing how tall he is! Julie was very nice.

Tony Perkins, President of The Family Research Council, was the opening speaker. Jill Stanek followed and I shared my story.  Mr. Perkins stood in the back of the room and listened to every word of my presentation.

I saw Representative Chris Smith arrive and waited for a chance to talk to him.  For those of you that know I spent two weeks in Nigeria sharing my picture and story.  The same group that sponsored my trip also sponsored a visit to Nigeria for Representative Smith.  I wanted to share a story or two with him about my experience there.

Left to right- Tony Perkins, Representative Chris Smith and me!

Mr. Perkins asked me to do a radio interview after my part of the ProLifeCon.

I had my first book signing at this event and Collin Raye walked in.  Yes, country, turned christian music star Collin Raye!  I heard he was going to be there.  I walked up to introduce myself and he said, “You were fantastic in the “Gift of Life.”  Are you kidding me?  He saw the movie the night before at the Students For Life Convention.  I asked if I could give him a copy of my book and he had me sign it.  Wow!

Collin Raye and me at the FRC ProLifeCon


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The Gift of Life

My story is featured in the new movie, “The Gift of Life.”  I attended the World Premiere at the Hoyt Sherman Place theatre in Des Moines, Iowa on December 15.

Governor Huckabee hosted the event. Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry addressed the 1200 people in attendance before the showing of the movie.  Speaker Gingrich was the only candidate that stayed and sat in the audience to view the premiere.

The night was truly blessed and continues to show us how God is still using the picture.


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